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Black Pearls


Dark chocolate brownies made from crushed cacao and sweet soil smells deftly disguise the orange citrus and anise aromatics that get unleashed once hot water is applied, unfurling the fragile and tightly rolled balls into more recognizable shapes. Crunchy autumn leaves, mandarin squirts, nipping tannin are encompassed by the broad, mouth filling textures of the liquid itself. Generous, supple and soft. (Daniel Honan @thewineidealist)

Leaf: full leaf, ball-rolled, handpicked
Liquor: deep copper
Aromatics: cloves, orange peel, Christmas cake, earthy.
Palate: sweet spice, fruit, citrus, carob. Smooth. Refreshing finish.

The Doi Mae Salong Black Pearls is a black tea with a difference. It is a burst of aromatic fruitiness, not unlike some of the classical Taiwanese black teas, but with its own special flavour profile.

It is grown and handpicked in the highlands of Northern Thailand from oolong varietals imported from the famous high mountain tea-growing region of Alishan, Taiwan. This particular tea is derived from the highly prized No.12 cultivar.

The Chinese migrant community who fled to this part of Thailand mainly during the Cultural Revolution in China, had to find substitutes to opium growing in the 1980s onwards. Many reached out to their tea growing compatriots in Taiwan for their superior tea plants and know-how. The result has been some pretty impressive green, oolong and black teas for these relatively new kids on the tea-making block. For more information on Doi Mae Salong and tea growing in Northern Thailand, read our Info Post - From Golden Triangle to Golden Drop.

Quantity: 4g (1 thin tsp) per cup
Steeping time: 2.5 - 3 minutes
Water temperature: 95°C

All the teas in our range from Doi Mae Salong comply with the EU standards for chemical residues, which are the strictest in the World.

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