Please find below a selection of short articles designed to provide a unique selection of tips, tricks, insights and information about the world of tea, its preparation, consumption and evolution.

Blend or single-origin unblended?

Tea is a natural product, and like its cousins coffee and wine, each harvest can produce something different from the last, even in the one garden. That means, season to season and year to year a little or a lot of variation can occur even within the one tea garden or estate. ... Read more

How to prepare your Tea&Sympathy teas

The Tea&Sympathy range is predominantly specialty full-leaf tea.  It offers a treasure trove of diverse and complex flavour profiles – the key to unlocking which is all in the preparation! ... Read more

Tea Troubleshooter

Simple solutions to every day tea preparation and making dilemmas. Never make a bad cup of tea again! … Read more

Tea & Terroir

Just as for wine, coffee or chocolate, terroir is important also to the distinctive flavours and aromas produced in tea. Terroir (pronounced terr-WAH) is often referred to as 'the magic of place'  – it is the complex interaction of physical elements delivered to a place by Mother Nature … Read more