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I created Tea&Sympathy, an independent specialty tea label, from a desire to bring authentic, premium and bespoke teas to tea lovers in Australia.


A few years ago I noticed that I could not get a standard of leaf tea in Australia that matched the calibre of other gourmet products that were now available in coffee, wine, chocolate, cheese and other products that had previously suffered a decline in quality from many decades of mass production. While Australians had been reacquainted with loose leaf tea in the 1990s, overall the quality of the tea has been low and flavoured teas have dominated. Digging below the surface I discovered a world of previously unknown tea amazingness and wanted to keep digging.


I continue to be surprised by the flavours that can be captured by artisan growers and tea makers from natural, single estate tea leaves. Often these skills have been developed over centuries. I hope that demand for these products grows, so that the growers and tea makers continue to be rewarded for their efforts, and their skills continue to be passed on.


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What you see in the range is essentially an extension of my personal tea collection. Obviously when I'm tasting teas and choosing what to buy, I don't skimp on quality for the sake of a cheaper price. I drink these teas myself and only want to drink the best teas I can find.


I try to keep prices affordable so more people can enjoy these teas. They can be expensive, and if big tea companies stocked them they'd be a whole lot more expensive because the markups would be much higher. The prices you pay for Tea&Sympathy teas are reflective of their quality and don't include big company overheads.


I want to keep sharing these teas with you and more people who appreciate really good tea. Tea lovers are invariably great humans, and I enjoy getting to come in contact with you via this collection.


So, please don't keep Tea&Sympathy a secret. If you have enjoyed any of the products or information posts on this site, please give them a positive vote by clicking on any (or all) of the social media buttons on the page. And, tell your friends and fellow tea lovers about Tea&Sympathy.


Thanks for your valued support and custom.







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    My order arrived today. Yay! Thanks so much. I love the colour coordination of the tin labels with the tea. As always, I love the tasting notes too.
    I really value what you do and what you give to the tea, and the tea lovers of the world.
    Cat Kerle (NSW)



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