Tea & Sympathy stocks a limited, hand-picked range of leaf teas - from classic blends, to many interesting bespoke Chinese and Taiwanese whitegreenblack and Oolong teas - not found elsewhere in Australia.

I created Tea & Sympathy, an independent specialty tea label, from a desire to bring authentic, premium and bespoke teas to tea lovers in Australia. 

In 2012 I noticed that I could not buy leaf tea in Australia that matched the calibre of other gourmet products such as coffee, wine, chocolate and cheese, products that had previously suffered a decline in quality from many decades of mass production. While Australians had been reacquainted with loose leaf tea in the 1990s, overall the quality of the tea has been low and flavoured teas dominated the market. I went in search of authentic, remarkable teas and eventually found them in the gardens of artisan growers and small farms across Asia.  

I continue to be surprised by the flavours that can be captured by artisan growers and tea makers from natural, single estate tea leaves. Often these skills have been developed over centuries. It’s my hope that demand for single leaf tea grows, so that the growers and tea makers continue to be rewarded for their efforts, and their skills continue to be passed on.

The Tea & Sympathy range is an extension of my own personal tea odyssey, passion for good tea, immersion in tea culture and the cultivation of a discerning palate. It’s my pleasure to share it with you. 


Where to start? You can browse the Online Shop by type of tea and origin. Most of the teas appear in multiple collections - for example, you will find the Wild Tree Black under Black Teas, Vietnamese Teas, and Wild and Organic Teas.

In each of the categories of Black, Green, Oolong and White teas you will find a combination of classic style teas and garden-specific teas. Classic style teas are those whose names you may recognise, such as English Breakfast, Genmaicha or Dong Ding oolong. Teas with their original-language names such as Da Hong Pao, Gui Fei, Rou Gui, Genmaicha, Dong Ding etc. will typically be classic style teas. Garden-specific teas are simply teas made by individual tea makers in their own style - these will have names such as Yunnan White, Alishan Green, Wild Tree Black etc.

You will find very few blends or infused teas in the range. This is because we specialise in unblended, single-estate teas. The blends in the range tend to consist of traditional classics such as English Breakfast, Chai or Genmaicha. English Breakfast is a blend of Ceylon black teas and the Chai and Genmaicha are teas blended with other things. There are also a small number of 'infused' teas, including Earl Grey (black tea infused with bergamot) and Organic Jasmine Pearls/Jasmine Silver Needle (green/white tea infused with jasmine flowers). Apart from these traditional blends and infused teas, we do not stock teas that have been infused with flavour essences. 

If you are looking for a specific tea and do not know the category, try using the search function at the top, or simply drop us a line.

We are always interested in your feedback, so please email us if you have any suggestions or comments about the teas. We’d love to hear from you.   


"I received my order on Monday. Thank you very much. I had tried the Yunnan White that you recommended. I love it, the flavour just perfect.  Thank you so much."

"My order arrived today. Yay! Thanks so much. I love the colour coordination of the tin labels with the tea. As always, I love the tasting notes too. I really value what you do and what you give to the tea, and the tea lovers of the world."
Cat Kerle (NSW)

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchase so far. It came much faster then I was expecting given you said you had holidays on your web page - thank you <3 I love my Oolong but its a passion I thought I was alone with, you have the largest range of oolongs I have seen and each has been wonderful. I love that you printed the descriptions for me as I am using it to make notes for my next round of purchases, and the little sample you sent me fits really well with my tastes/purchases. All in all I am just really happy and wanted you to know it."
Sherrie Apps (Vic)

"I’d just like to say thanks so much for the wonderful teas that I recently received from you. I’ve been trying them over the last week and have really enjoyed them.  The quality is excellent, the best I’ve ever had.  Particularly I am a big fan of light Oolongs and I really wanted to try out the Taiwanese varieties as they are very renowned. Anyway, I’d like to say that I was very impressed when I came across your site and saw that you are selling fresh Taiwanese teas, specifying where they were grown and when they were harvested.  I was also impressed that you travelled over to Taiwan to the actual places where the tea is grown and met with the suppliers, etc.  I’d been looking around online for somewhere that sells fresh good quality Taiwanese teas, and when I came across your shop it was soon obvious that I’d found the right place!"
 David Pryde (Qld)

"Thanks for your excellent tea range and dedication to tea drinkers. There are many tea shops and retailers. Tea and Sympathy stand out because it has the most interesting range of genuine tea varieties. I used to buy a selection of teas from different suppliers but Tea and Sympathy covers all my tea supply needs perfectly. "I am giving it 5 stars Margaret, what are you giving it.?" "I agree with you David, it's five stars from me too"."
Martin Griffith (Vic)

"I've been ordering tea from all corners of the internet recently, and I found that I was definitely most pleased with Tea&Sympathy. I really appreciated the free samples, the printout on how to best brew the tea, and the handwritten note that was included with the package. And of course, the quality of the tea itself was fantastic. So thank you very much for the exceptional service. It's very much appreciated!"
James Leong (Vic)

"Very impressed, and am enjoying my tea. Even with postage, it was cheaper than purchasing from my local tea specialty shop, and the quality is excellent. Many thanks, and I will be ordering again!" 
Corinne Singer (Qld)

"I have bought and received tea from your online shop and decided to write some feedback. I have ordered a couple of tins and some samples from you as well as some tins from another shop (different company). Both teas arrived at the same time but I could immediately see the difference between different tea companies. The tea from your shop is excellent, the leaves are large, whole and perfect. It definitely looks as if each leaf has been carefully picked and prepared by hand which makes for a luxurious drinking experience along with the smell and taste. So I would like to say a big thank you and I am very happy I found your shop :) will be recommending you to my family and friends and will be buying again soon."
Tatyana Prilutskaya (Vic)

"I am just so glad that there are people like you who have enough passion to make these teas available to others. It is a long way from when I was a kid  and unless you were very rich, the tea you got came from the Co-op, and was just the generic brand available. So thank you." 
Fran Hughes (WA)

"I'm a French Canadian working in Australia and currently visiting my sister where you recently sent an order. The Yunnan, Jasmine and the High Mountain Black were Christmas presents for me, a "tea junkie" really missing a good green like the ones I get at home. I just wanted to say that I love every one of them, and I keep the samples you added as precious gifts. This was a great surprise, and a fantastic present that makes me happy any time of the day, every day since!" 
Nathalie Boucher (Vic)

"We are really happy with the teas and the costumers seem to love it! The feedback that we get back is great! Thanks again" 
Hia, Le Sucre Cafe, Melbourne (Vic) 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my teas. Received them in the post today and they look and smell FANTASTIC! Will definitely be recommending you to all my tea-loving friends. Keep up the good work!"
Romana Cottee (WA)

"Received my delivery, thank you for being so prompt. Looking forward to trying the samples you popped in my package. I am loving your delicious teas."
Susie Wills  (Vic)

"Just wanted to say I had a great time in Saturday at the workshop. My eldest daughter really loves the Jin Xuan oolong because of the creamy mouthfeel and fresh taste.  My younger daughter enjoyed the really fresh green taste of the tea from Thailand. She thinks it's very different from any green tea she's had before. I enjoyed both of them.  Thanks again for hosting the workshop. It was fascinating."
Renae Gibson-Suzuki (Vic)

"Thank you again for going above and beyond with your time to get the order filled, everyone here is commenting on how great they look, and I’ll be using the bag that you gave me to do a tasting in our Monday meeting so the sales girls can rave about the tea when they give the gifts to our clients!" 
Rhiannon Damas, Rydges Bell City (Vic)

"Thank you Angelina - I am very happy with the range of teas, the delivery and the lovely little informative instructions on the back of each pack.
As a result I have now bought a new kettle that I can boil for different temperatures. I also love your website. Its easy to navigate.
Thank you for a great service and my continued enjoyment."
Patricia Witham (SA)

"My son referred me to your site because he is a huge fan of your tea. He absolutely loves the ceremony and integrity of his tea and is not 'commercial' in his taste and enjoys the aesthetic of what you have created in your business. He is 21 and only wants Tea&Sympathy tea for his teapots!"
Diane Grant (Vic)