Yunnan White

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Yunnan White


Leaf: full large leaf, multi coloured, velvety bud and leaves
Liquor: dark honey
Aromatics: musk, apricots, malt, wheat and barley
Palate: peach, apricot, roasted hazelnut, freshly baked bread. Smooth and round with a fresh aftertaste.

Notes: The Yunnan White is a special tea made from Yunnan Large Leaf varietal tea in Simao.  The tea is picked in autumn, wilted slightly and then dried with warm wind tunneled through the tea until it is dry. 

This tea has a very good shelf life, and develops with age. If you hold on to it long enough it will transform into something closer to red tea (hongcha).

It has a stunning multi-coloured and velvety dry leaf and fruity aroma. The infusion has a luxurious, sweet and silken mouthfeel with obvious apricot notes. It is similar in style to the Pai Mu Tan.

Origin: Pu'er prefecture, China

Quantity 4g per 200 ml water (1 large tsp per cup)
Steeping time: 3.5 - 4 minutes (a longer steep will produce a fuller flavour without bittering)
Water temperature: 85°C

*This is a full leaf tea so is best steeped freely in a pot or cup, or a well sized infuser basket (not a ball infuser)

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