Buffalo Oolong

  • Buffalo Oolong


Buffalo Oolong


Leaf: full leaf, ball-rolled medium oxidised
Liquor: bright copper
Aroma: chocolate sauce, cinnamon, spice
Palate: fig, burnt caramel, orange peel, refreshing clear finish.

The Moc Chau plateau is located in Son La Province, in the northwest of Vietnam. It sits at over 1000 metres above sea level, and its climate and soil type are ideal for oolongs. Its stunning scenery and fields of flowers also makes it a popular tourist destination.

In the past, Vietnam has been better known for its mass produced lower quality teas. However, there is excellent quality tea production occurring there if you know where to find it! The wild teas produced further north by hill tribes in the ancient tea forests are one example. The Taiwanese style oolongs, such as this one, being produced in Son La are another.

This is a stylish dark oolong, that has some similarities to the Gaba Oolong.

Origin: Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam

Quantity: 4g/200ml (1 tsp per cup)
Water temperature: 90°C
Steeping time: 2 - 3 minutes

All the Vietnamese teas in our range comply with the EU standards for chemical residues, which are the strictest in the World.

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