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Ruby Black

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Black twigs twisted tight smell like liquorice and charcoal beads, dried currents, figs and raisins. Fire red flickers orange and brown wafting dusty dried apples, peaty dried grass, marmalade, and blackened ironbark honey. Initial softness turns to roughness as the steep time increases, leaving a residual smoky haze of almonds and wood. Powerful. (Daniel Honan @thewineidealist)

Leaf: twisted full large leaf
Liquor: copper, rich and syrupy
Aromatics: intense and bright, aniseed - slight menthol, undergrowth, honeycomb, spicy, sweet stone fruits.
Palate: Menthol carries through, a nice sharpness, mint coriander, liquorice, some bay leaf. Bold and unapologetic.

This tea is produced in the Sun Moon Lake region of Nantou, Taiwan from Cultivar #18 (a hybrid of the Myanmar Assam and wild Taiwanese camellia sinensis). The teas from the Sun Moon Lake area are very distinctive and have rich flavours and a full mouth feel. Berry concentrates, menthol and aniseed are typical in the flavour profiles of these teas. The Ruby Black is created by a dedicated artisanal tea making family in Nantou, who consistently bring us excellent quality and interesting teas from this region.

Origin: Nantou, Taiwan, Cultivar #18 (a hybrid of the Myanmar Assam and wild Taiwanese camellia sinensis).

Quantity: 4g per 200 ml water (a generous tsp per cup)
Steeping time: 1.5 - 2 mins
Water temperature: 100°C

Top tips: Don't brew this tea for too long. Its complex and interesting flavours are revealed when it is steeped lightly.

Best without milk.

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