Long Jing (Dragonwell)

  • Long Jing (Dragonwell)


Long Jing (Dragonwell)


Leaf: flat leaf in bright greens and yellows
Liquor: clear with faint emerald tinge
Aromatics: sweet chestnut, gooseberry, crumble base, creamy broth, rain on grass
Palate: consistent with aroma, soft chestnut, clear and cleansing

Notes: Long Jing is one of China's most famous green teas. It is a designated-area tea, which means that authentic Long Jing can originate from Zhejiang Province in China. This is a premium grade Long Jing (or Dragonwell picked in early Spring in Zhejiang’s Hangzhou by expert growers. The temperate, cloudy and rainy winter in Hangzhou contributes to the tenderness of the leaves.

Dragonwell has a distinctive flat leaf created by expert tea makers who pan fry the leaves in a wok. It is characterised by its obvious chestnut flavour and aroma. This tea can be infused several times. It is very high in Vitamin C and catechins.

Origin: Hangzhou, China

Quantity: 1 tsp per cup (4g/200ml)
Water temperature: 80°C
Steeping time: 1-2 minutes only

Top tips: Long Jing has a very pale liquor but the flavour is there, so don’t overbrew waiting for the colour to appear. Lovely steeped in a glass pot or tea glass – drink half leaving the leaves in the vessel and then refill. Repeat.

Green tea tip!
Boiling water can damage green tea leaves, and over-steeping can cause astringency or bitterness in green tea!
It can take more than just a few minutes for boiling water to cool to 80°C. Best to add some cool water to your cup or pot before introducing the leaves.

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