Nonchalant Bombasi-tea

On 27th May 2012 Tea&Sympathy will have the pleasure of hosting the very talented Anne Norman (aka Camellia Cha) in her performance of Nonchalant Bombasi-tea – hard to describe but it's something of a one-woman, fast-paced raconteur TEA show!

"Nonchalant Bombasi-TEA is like a burst of antioxidants. The audience is at once energised, mesmerized, amused, entertained, and educated …" is what one previous audience member had to say about it!

Sound interesting? Here's some more information about the show and the Performer.

It all started when Shakuhachi performer, itinerant musician and comedic entertainer, Anne Norman, took to researching and writing a book as a portable project to do on the road between shows. She chose the unlikely topic of tea, and the result is the humorous and very informative book entitled Curiosi-tea.

Anne's show, Nonchalant Bombasi-tea goes well beyond the scope of her book. It not only tells the of the incredible tales of immoraliTEA associated with the history of tea and British colonisation, it features personal anecdotes of tracing the history of tea through her travels to remote mountains of South West China and North East India, and includes a little of her adventures in Japan.

The show was performed throughout Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia in 2011.

The good news is, if you would like to attend the show on 27th May, you can book here via the Online Shop.

Information about the Performer

Anne Norman is a professional musician, perpetually on tour making her living performing Shakuhachi (bamboo flute). She performs all over Australia, and has given recitals in Europe, America and Japan. Anne is also in high demand as a storyteller in primary schools across Australia, incorporating her live music into multi-media, interactive narrative performances.

In the mid-1980s Anne lived in Japan, and was a member of the Kobe Philharmonic Orchestra before giving that up to study traditional Japanese music. Anne developed a serious dependency on Sencha green tea between bouts of hyperventilation from practice sessions.

Anne has a Bachelor of Music majoring in flute performance (Uni Melbourne), and a Dip Ed. After only two years as a music teacher, Anne hitch-hiked around South East Asia and Japan for a couple of years, hanging out with fellow musos. She then returned to Melbourne to complete a Masters in Ethnomusicology at Monash University. This was followed by a grant from the Japanese government to further her shakuhachi performance studies at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. Later, she received a scholarship to do a PhD at Monash, eventually giving it back, deciding that BEING a musician and performance artist was much more fun than hanging out with academics who only wrote about it!

Ironically many years later, Anne found herself researching and writing a book about tea – almost as much fun as drinking it!

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