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Looking for information about tea online? Wanting to buy premium tea online?

Then you've come to the right place.  Tea&Sympathy's owner created this independent Melbourne (Australian)-based collection out of a desire to bring authentic, premium and bespoke teas to tea lovers in Australia. These teas are available to you online here, along with lots of tea information. 

Tea&Sympathy specialises in Chinese and Taiwanese style teas, and has a diverse range of high quality oolong teas not found elsewhere Australia. You will also find stunning white, green and black teas in the Online Tea Shop. The teas are sourced from small-scale tea gardens, and are wild grown and organic where possible.

The range is simply an extension of the owner's personal tea collection, who loves it when people love good tea. You won't find teas like these in the big stores - they satisfy a niche market, a discerning palate - and the quality far exceeds the mainstream. Have a look at the Testimonials to see what customers have to say about them.

You can browse the range and buy online from anywhere in Australia via the Tea Shop.

"I just wish I had more time to drink this stuff" (Owner, Tea&Sympathy)

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    My order arrived today. Yay! Thanks so much. I love the colour coordination of the tin labels with the tea. As always, I love the tasting notes too.
    I really value what you do and what you give to the tea, and the tea lovers of the world.
    Cat Kerle (NSW)



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