‘Encounter the moment’ - Tea & Mindfulness workshop

Order ‘Encounter the moment’ - Tea & Mindfulness workshop

Buddhists believe the universe can be experienced by drinking a single bowl of tea.
But what is this thing called tea? And what did the ancient Daoists and Buddhists in China and Japan know about tea to make it central to their daily lives and practice?
In this one and a half hour workshop we will:

  • Taste beautiful artisan-crafted leaf teas
  • Learn about some of the beneficial properties of tea
  • Talk about how mindfulness practices can aid stress management, and improve your health and happiness
  • Find out how the Daoists and Buddhists used tea to enhance their practice, and to achieve a calm alertness
  • Do a short tea meditation and learn to develop your own for home or the office!
  • Receive a sample of leaf tea to take home

This workshop is available for group and workplace bookings - please contact us for more information. It is perfect for a workplace heath & wellbeing session.

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